Ukrainian Refugees and Hosts

We have offered a safe place to Ukrainians to come and meet others, share experiences and information, and make friends. We’ve also welcomed hosts who have sponsored Ukrainian refugees to come and live in their homes, to come and find mutual support.

Having begun this hospitality in May 2022, our Ukrainian visitors have found support, learned English, made friends, found jobs, and many found new homes. Similarly those hosts who opened their doors to Ukrainian families also found mutual support and information.

We will continue to open our doors to Ukrainian refugees and their hosts on the first Mondays of the month from 7-9.00pm until the end of 2023. 

Information for Ukrainian refugees can now be found at

Refugees and asylum seekers from all parts of the world are always welcome at St John’s, and we are happy to offer both friendship and opportunities to practice speaking English at our JubiLatte cafe on Monday and Thursday mornings. 

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